Investigating Quality

Outstanding quality is necessary to obtain a DGNB certification. DGNB describes and assesses the sustainability of the building as a whole, over its entire life cycle. The criteria for the certification addresses the building’s qualities in the following categories: environmental, economic, sociocultural and functional, technical, process and site. Green Solution House combines the criteria and requirements for both residential and commercial buildings, being the first hotel in Denmark to be DGNB certified. The high standards of DGNB and the comprehensive building approach mean that Green Solution House is more than a collection of environmentally friendly technologies. It is also friendly towards social relationships and comfort, effectively supports the wellness of the surrounding environment and generates a healthy, long term economy. Although DGNB is looking at the building as a whole, it also requires a thorough investigation into the ingredients of the building – which is why we tracked all the ingredients of the materials used in the building.

Preliminary results confirm a DGNB certification – final results are pending

The facts: 
DGNB is a German building standard, which in Denmark is administered by Green Building Council Denmark.

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Documentation of DGNB Material Ingredients in our eBook, Material Transparency