Thermal Energy Storage

Hot Water Reservoir

The hotel’s old swimming pool was repurposed into a thermal energy storage system, storing up to 80.000 liters of hot water from the on-site solar thermal plant and any excess energy from the pyrolysis plant. The system has two operational modes, depending on the season. During the summer months our on-site generation systems – pyrolysis and solar thermal – together with the storage system, meet all the hotels needs for heating and the production of potable hot water. The repurposed pool is insulated and equipped with heat exchangers to maintain the desired temperature of 80 C°. The system’s capacity acts as a buffer to meet the overnight heating and hot water requirements when no solar thermal energy is available. During the winter, when daylight for the solar thermal plant is limited, the storage system runs at about 40 C°, maintained by a heat pump. The low temperature heat is used for in floor heating in the conference center and preheating potable hot water.

Who’s behind it:
Rambøll, Steenbergs Tegnestue

Where you’ll find it: 
In a former swimming pool in the renovated hotel building, below the kitchen floors

The facts: 
The capacity of the thermal energy storage is 80.000 Liters.