Hotel GSH is located on Strandvejen in Rønne, where the former Hotel Ryttergården was located. In 2015, Hotel Ryttergården was rebuilt and completely renovated into the current modern hotel and conference venue. The construction is pioneering in sustainable construction, and Hotel GSH has also won awards such as "Construction of the Year in Denmark", "EU environmental award", just as the hotel has been named as one of the 10 most environmentally friendly hotels in Europe.

In 2022, Hotel GSH was expanded with another room wing - and this time the construction was also innovative, as everything was built in wood and other sustainable materials - and there were again many new solutions. For example, the cut remnants of the wood from the construction were transformed into beautiful furniture in the rooms.

Every year, Hotel GSH attracts guests from all over the world, who come to experience the special construction and sustainable operation.

The strategy for Hotel GSH is to show construction that can inspire others in the construction industry to build sustainably. The buildings are designed based on several different parameters, which include the holistic approach to sustainable design. The buildings are based on the criteria of the Active House vision and inspired by the Cradle-to-Cradle philosophy circuit concept. The buildings are silver-certified according to the DGNB system, which is actually the highest certification for a hotel building. Both the buildings and the surrounding landscape are based on the latest research in the field of sustainable architecture, and thus show that sustainability is about more than achieving a green certification. A close interaction between construction and landscape has thus been envisaged - among other things to create optimal biodiversity.

Material filter
Materials and products for the construction of Hotel GSH must meet high requirements. These requirements include priority certifications and eco-labels, recycling potential, social responsibility, use of resources, material health and energy consumption in production. In order to gather the necessary knowledge about the products' sub-components, installation options and production methods, both manufacturers and suppliers are involved in the construction process. If a product has harmful constituents or the production has a negative environmental impact, it will be deselected. As a result, Hotel GSH has many solutions that are designed for separation, Cradle-to-Cradle certified, and have a positive impact that extends beyond the primary function.

Exploring circular sustainability
Hotel GSH is constantly striving to develop its green solutions. Products and initiatives are tested, tested and retested to find the optimal solution. Since the establishment of Hotel GSH in 2015, the hotel has expanded its operations so that Hotel GSH also operates the hotels Fredensborg Badehotel and Griffen Spahotel. Experiences from the operation of Hotel GSH are implemented to the greatest possible extent at the sister hotels, so that all three hotels are constantly developing their sustainability.

Profits are reinvested
Hotel GSH, Fredensborg Badehotel and Griffen Spahotel are all owned by C.E. Mogensens Fond. Among other things, the foundation aims to develop the three hotels to create jobs and the development of the whole of Bornholm. The foundation thus reinvests all profits in the hotels in order to constantly create even more sustainable development for the benefit of both guests and the Bornholm community.

Certifications and Standards

  • Is a 4-star hotel with the eco-label The Green Key
  • Is a lovingly renovated building with newly built conference facilities and a large newly laid out green area based on the Cradle-2-Cradle principles and the Active House principles.
  • Was certified according to the Danish DGNB criteria, which have been newly developed with a focus on hotels and offices in collaboration with DGNB Denmark.
  • Certified with the local island-mark "silver".
The buildings are DGNB certified

The buildings are DGNB certified

GSH has the state-controlled eco-label

GSH has the state-controlled eco-label

GSH is inspired by the Cradle-2-Cradle principles

GSH is inspired by the Cradle-2-Cradle principles


Circular economy
When you say circular economy - you also say Bornholm. We are at the forefront of an innovative energy strategy and an ambitious waste strategy. Should your company also work with circular economy and sustainability? Then hold your next meeting in the middle of one of Europe's most sustainable meeting places - Hotel GSH, Green Solution House.

Waste is a resource today
Bornholm will be the world's first industrialized society to turn off the incinerator and switch 100 percent to recycling and recycling waste.

Over the next few years, citizens, businesses and tourists on Bornholm have to step up their waste sorting drastically. The goal is for all waste on Bornholm to be either reused or recycled by 2032.

With the ambitious vision "Bornholm shows the way", the local waste company BOFA, together with users and the waste industry, will develop methods that optimize handling and increase the sorting of many new types of waste.

Co2 neutral in 2025
On Bornholm, we have a 100% green production of electricity when we are in normal operation. Our production is based on what is called an energy mix of renewable energy sources: wind, solar, biogas and biomass.

Today we produce approx. 70% of the electricity we consume - the rest we buy from Sweden through a submarine cable.