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Sustainable development on Bornholm
Bornholm Hotels create sustainable development on Bornholm
• We are ready for change
• We have high social capacity
• We have high employee satisfaction
• We have high guest satisfaction

Bornholm Hotels create a world, where social, economic, and environmental development go hand in hand. We work with the UN’s 17 world goals. 5 of them are a priority. We are well conscious of the effect of what we are doing, and want to change the world into a sustainable direction.

#2 stop hunger and # responsible spending and production

We reduce waist of food.
We buy locally,organic and seasonal.
We advise guests and employees to drink tap water.
We focus on hygiene – and food safety.
We minimize use of plastic.
We reuse organic waste and change it to energy.
We sort waste.
…..and we recommend our suppliers to do the same.

#4 Quality education

We offer internship- and apprenticeship to young people and adults.
We offer continuing education for our employees – personal as well as professional courses.

#6 Clean water and sanitation.

We develop implement solutions to minimize waste of water.
We reuse the water.
We have invested in special lakes to divert rainwater.
We develop continuously our energy solutions.
We use eco-labeled cleaning products.
We focus on indoor climate and daylight.
We have “ The green key”.

#7 Sustainable energy

We build  in sustainable and recyclable matirials.
We look for solutions to minimize use of energy.
We use the resources of nature.
The sun heats up our water.
Solar cells create energy to our operation.
We use electric vans, and we have a charging station for our guests.
We have energy labeling on our buildings.
We share our know-how with the world.

# 8 decent jobs and economic growth

We acceded to the agreement between 3F and Horesta.
We have good work environment.
We have high employee satisfaction.
We have high divercity. Our employees are young and experienced. Skilled/ unskilled. Women/men/nonbinary and many nationalities with lots of capacity. We are a firm, creating positive results for the benefit of the society on Bornholm. We are owned by Carl Edvard Mogensen’s Fond. It is not important to create profits, but to create jobs and develop Bornholm. Therefore, every profit is reinvested in hotels for the benefit of guests and employees.

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Whether you are looking for a job or you want to spend a wonderful holiday, you might call us on +45 - 56 90 44 44. Or book a holiday online here.

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We are always on the lookout for fiery soals, who are passionate about providing good service. Are you interested in a job or a student position at Bornholm Hotels? Send a mail to us: job@bornholmhotels.dk. Please, add a CV and a photo.

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Bornholm Hotels has made a strategic decision and chosen to be Gold Sponsor for Team Rynkeby and Børnecancer Fonden, as their purpose is in line with our set of values. It is an exclusive agreement and we therefore do not support other purposes.