Thermal Balance

Comfortable Indoor Climate

At Green Solution House we have been successful in balancing the thermal environment for optimal indoor comfort. We achieve comfort by balancing natural ventilation, mechanical ventilation and our heating strategy in response to the seasons. This strategy has resulted in the highest score possible in the Active House analysis of comfort in the building. Our diffuse ventilation strategy supplies fresh air through permeable acoustic panels in the conference center and restaurant ceiling and has two major advantages in terms of indoor climate. First, the even distribution lets us use cooler air without causing discomfort and drafts, and thus reduces supply air requirements and duct sizing. Second, by supplying cool air through the acoustic panels they act as a chilled ceiling, further supporting comfort by radiative cooling. In floor heating and cooling is supported by our on-site thermal energy storage system. Thermal glazing in the conference center maximises indoor comfort relative to solar exposure.

Who’s behind it: 
Steenbergs Tegnestue, Rambøll

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