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Parameters for Material Selection

When we choose materials and products for Green Solution House they have to fulfill certain parameters. We developed our own criteria to select materials, prioritising certifications and environmental labels, recyclability, social responsibility, use of resources, safety of compounds, and energy in production, to name a few. We send out questionnaires to producers and suppliers, in order to gain knowledge of the ingredients, installation options and production methods. If a material or product has harmful substances or a negative production footprint, we source alternatives. As a result we have many solutions that are designed for disassembly, Cradle to Cradle certified, and have a positive impact beyond their mere function. Furthermore, rather than choosing a certified product from far away, a locally sourced product gets preference by savings on transport emissions and its ability to enhance the local identity of the project.

Who’s behind it: 
GXN Innovation, Steenbergs Tegnestue