Daylight Analysis

Daylight Factor

The daylight conditions at Green Solution House have been evaluated using the daylight factor method in the VELUX Daylight Visualizer and achieved exceptional results. The daylight factor is a recognised performance indicator used to evaluate the available amount of daylight in a room. It expresses the percentage of daylight available on indoor work surfaces compared to the amount of unobstructed daylight available outside, under an overcast sky. The higher the daylight factor, the more daylight is available in a room. With an average below 2% a room will look dull and the frequency with which electrical lighting is used will increase. With an average above 5%, interior spaces will feel nice and bright.

Daylight levels in the main building are high. For example, in the conference center the average daylight factor is 6.6 %, in the Smart Rooms it is 3.0 % and 1.9% in the hotel hallway

The facts: 
The daylight simulations are created in VELUX Daylight Visualizer

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