Cradle to Cradle

Regenerative Thinking

Imagine a world in which buildings – just like trees – use the sun’s energy, produce nutrients, provide living space for other creatures, cleanse water and purify the air. This is a Cradle to Cradle world. In nature, everything is a resource for something else—the concept of “waste” does not exist.” This is a fundamental theory in Cradle to Cradle, and a principle that inspires Green Solution House’s circular design methods. At Green Solution House, we aspire to eliminate the concept of waste. In order to do this we have chosen materials that can be disassembled, recycled or are biodegradable. We have implemented active materials that purify the air, both indoors and outdoors. We have created a regenerative system that cleanses wastewater to drinking water quality using a biological process, and another one that transform kitchen leftovers to nutrients and clean energy. The Cradle to Cradle principles are an inspiration and a driver in the continuous development of Green Solution House, both in the buildings and the landscape.

Green Solution House is Cradle to Cradle-inspired and uses many products and materials that are Cradle to Cradle Certified™.

The facts:
Cradle to Cradle is a concept created by Michael Braungart and William McDonough. The Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Product Standard is administered by The Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute, a non-profit organisation.

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