Acoustic Panels

Ecophon Focus™ Ds

Did you know hearing is the one sense that never sleeps? Smartly designed acoustics enhance communication by absorbing sound instead of reflecting it. These modular ceiling panels contain more than 70% recycled material and are produced using mainly hydro power. The panels are made of third generation glass wool with a plant-based binder. Glass wool is the lightest acoustic material out there – resulting in fuel savings during transport. The panels are diffusion-open allowing the rooms to be ventilated through the panels.

Who’s behind it: 
Ecophon, Saint-Gobain

Where you’ll find it: 
The ceiling of the restaurant and in the new building

Swan labelled, Indoor Climate labelled

Construction details are designed for disassembly, avoiding chemical fixes and glues. Ecophon will launch a take-back system in 2016